More about lymph-oedema

Lymphatic oedema (lymph-oedema) occurs in the case of the impairment of the drainage function of lymphatic vessels. Fluids containing a high concentration of proteins and other substances accumulate in the intercellular space in the affected area. If lymph-oedema is present longer, chronic inflammation and changes of normal tissue to fibrous tissue (fibrosis).

Lymph-oedema sometimes occurs immediately after the causal moment (surgery, irradiation, trauma, inflammation) but more often, it develops slowly and inconspicuously, sometimes even during few months to years.

Wobenzym has proven to be an effective part of complex lymph-oedema treatment - it restores the flow in the lymphatic vessels, affects the course of inflammation and prevents chronic inflammation.

The treatment of lymph-oedema must be complex (lymphatic massages, bandaging, exercise, etc.)


WOBENZYM® is a traditional remedy from natural sources for inner use. Please read the Patient Information Leaflet carefully.