More about the post-thrombotic syndrome

The post-thrombotic syndrome is a condition that may develop as a result of deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs where the blood clot does not disintegrate completely. This results in chronically slowed-down blood flow through the vein and venous pressure increase.  The post-thrombotic syndrome leads to pain and swelling of the affected limb; and later, changes in skin (pigmentation) may develop. The most serious complication is the crural ulcer.

Deep vein thrombosis - it often develops after limb immobilization (e.g. gypsum fixation after an injury), in bed-ridden patients or after a long journey. All of these conditions include slowing of blood flow in the vein. A blood clot leading to inflammation can form, then. In exceptional cases, the clot may be detached from the vessel's inner surface and may travel through the bloodstream to another location in the organism. This can cause serious complications (e.g. pulmonary embolism).

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