More about gynaecological operations including childbirth

Operations in gynaecology may be scheduled (specific diagnosis) or unplanned (sudden complications).

During the surgery, vascular structures are often impaired, leading to swelling. This can deteriorate the healing process by worsening the blood circulation in the tissues and preventing the removal of metabolic by-products.


  • is an integral part of all surgical procedures
  • should pass awway without complications
  • should be as short as possible

The use of Wobenzym improves healing after surgery mainly via its effects of inflammation and swelling.


The body reacts by inflammation, swelling and pain also to childbirth, including surgical procedures, such as caesarean section or episiotomy. Women cannot often even sit after the delivery due to swelling and pain. Here, Wobenzym can also be an important assistant in healing. The enzymes it contains reduce the onset of swelling and accelerate its absorption, relieve pain and reduce healing time. Importantly for women, help to create conditions for formation of smaller scar as well.


WOBENZYM® is a traditional remedy from natural sources for inner use. Please read the Patient Information Leaflet carefully.