More about the tennis elbow

The tennis elbow is a disease of the tendons and muscles around the elbow. The name is based on the frequent occurrence in athletes, but the disease can develop any time in case of an overload of this area. This disease belongs to the group of soft tissue rheumatism.

It is manifested as the pain in the elbow, swelling or visible redness. If the acute phase care is neglected, the problem can be exacerbated and develop into a chronic condition, with tissue changes in the affected area.

In particular, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are used in the treatment.  Wobenzym fights inflammation, prevents chronic inflammation and acts against pain.

At the same time, regimen measures must be followed - no overloading of the critical site with repeated inappropriate movements, physical therapy, avoiding activities that cause pain, and regular breaks.


WOBENZYM® is a traditional remedy from natural sources for inner use. Please read the Patient Information Leaflet carefully.