More about the procedures in plastic surgery

Operations in plastic surgery may be scheduled (specific diagnosis) or unplanned (sudden complications).

The primary defensive mechanism of almost all healing processes in the body is inflammation. This also applies to all types of surgeries. Thus, the aim of inflammation is "repairing everything that is injured". It is a complex defence response, which includes also the healing process.

During the surgery, vascular structures are often impaired, leading to swelling. This can prevent the healing process by worsening the blood circulation in the tissues and preventing the removal of metabolic by-products.



  • is an integral part of all surgical procedures
  • should be without complications
  • should be as short as possible

The use of Wobenzym improves healing after surgery mainly via its effects of inflammation and swelling.


WOBENZYM® is a traditional remedy from natural sources for inner use. Please read the Patient Information Leaflet carefully.