(lymphatic oedema)

Why Wobenzym?

  • It restores the flow in the lymphatic vessels.
  • It removes undesirable proteins from the intercellular space.
  • It has a positive effect the course of inflammation and prevents chronic inflammation.
  • It fights fibrosis.

More about lymph-oedema

Recommended dose of Wobenzym

The management of lymph-oedema must always be lead by a physician!

First 5 weeks: 2x10 or 3x7 pills a day

Once the clinical condition has improved, the dose is gradually decreased to 3x5 – 3x3 pills a day.

Wobenzym should be taken in on empty stomach, never with food, at least 2 hours after the last meal. After using Wobenzym, avoid eating for at least another half an hour, so that the medicine does not get mixed with food. Drink at least 250 ml of fluids (water, tea, mineral water), do not chew the pills.

Attention! Incorrect use of the drug may significantly reduce the effect of the treatment.

The diagnosis of lymph-oedema must always be determined by a physician. The physician must also identify the cause of lymph-oedema (surgery, trauma, inflammation, cancer).

The treatment of lymph-oedema must be complex (lymphatic massages, bandaging, exercise, etc.)

Wobenzym can be an effective part of complex lymph-oedema treatment.

What package of Wobenzym should I buy?

Recommended package size 800 pills.


WOBENZYM® is a traditional remedy from natural sources for inner use. Please read the Patient Information Leaflet carefully.